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At KIN, we work with over 40 brands to create a unique experience for our guests. With a focus on Asian cuisine, we aim to bring the best to you at a singular venue.

Instead of spending a fortune on a plane ticket, visit KIN.

Weekly Dish Drop – Nasi Goreng & MOMO

Weekly Dish Drop – Gyoza & Cookie DPT

Weekly Dish Drop – Sri Trat & Twins Liangpi

Friday by the Bottle!

Weekly Dish Drop – Triple O’s

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Egg Sando Recipe


1. Mix an egg with an equal portion of water


2. Steam for 15 minutes, remove from heat and wait for it to cool


3. Cut the egg into a square

4. To make egg wash, beat another egg with a tablespoon of water or milk


5. Coat egg in flour, then egg wash, then panko (breadcrumbs)


6. Fry at 180º C for 4 minutes Serve with milk bread and tonkatsu sauce

Chef Buddy’s Technique

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Eggs ANY Style

Hard Boiled

Soft Boiled

Sunny Side


Caged vs Cage-Free

In the egg industry, most laying hens are confined to tiny cages, inhumane conditions that pose serious risks to the hens. Cage–free eggs are produced by chickens that live in open indoor spaces, allowing them to roam as they would in natural environments.

Make an upgrade to Organic Free-Range

•KIN believe in supporting local sources with low carbon emissions. We’re proud to be the first to import organic eggs not by air.